Idi regina fundraising dinner

Intercultural dialogue institute (IDI) Regina has organized its first fundraising dinner.

idi-regina-fundraising-dinner-2015IDI Regina has invited all its followers for a fundraising dinner. The fundraising dinner held on the foundations new facility on Victoria ave has taken high interests from politicians, academicians, and Regina community members. The program started with the introductory video about IDI Canada, and then Hasan Topal has made welcome speech on behalf of idi regina. After MPS Andrew Scheer and Erin Weir have made their remarks about idi regina. Saskatchewan house of speaker Dan d`autremont and Minister of Culture Mark Docherty have made their speeches and talked about the importance of multiculturalism. Mla laura rose has talked on behalf of the premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall, and MLA Trent Wotherspoon has talked as the leader of sask ndp party. At last, city of Regina deputy of mayor and Councillor Mike O-donnell made his remarks about IDI Regina.

The program has continued with the dinner and then a presentation about the activities of IDI Regina has watched. At the end of the night, Prof John Whyte has talked about his memories about Hizmet movement and he has mentioned that the world needs social movements like Hizmet more than before.

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