`Love Is A Verb` Movie Screening


IDI Regina has organized Love is a Verb Movie Screening for the second time at its own place.

IDI Regina has organized `Love is A Verb` movie screening for the second time in its own community center. The first screening has been done few months ago in McKenzie Art Theater in Regina. The night has started with baklava and stuffed grape leaves which are the most popular appetizers in Turkish cuisine. Prof John Whyte from University of Regina Political Science Department has made the opening speech, and has shared his memories from his visit to M Fethullah Gülen. He has mentioned that Fethullah Gülen has a very simple life from outside like any of us, however spiritually he has the deepest life ever in the world. And he has made some quotes from Gülen`s article `Muslims must combat the extremist cancer` published in Wall Street Journal. He has emphasized that Islam can`t be remembered with extremists.

Some civil society representatives and Turkish community members have attended this movie screening night. The documentary has answered most of questions they had about the Gülen Movement.

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